Information Security & Distributed Systems

Solutions for a secure and decentralised world

Sigma Prime is a leading blockchain security and research firm with an extensive history in decentralized technology. We perform in depth security assessments for leading protocols and applications whilst building and maintaining Lighthouse, a prominent Ethereum consensus client.


Information Security

Our team of researchers and engineers is trusted by the most critical and successful decentralised projects, making us a leading provider of Ethereum smart contract security reviews. Additionally, we help major L1 and L2 networks strengthen their security posture through in-depth low level assessments (e.g. consensus mechanisms, P2P networks, cryptography).

Ethereum Consensus

Sigma Prime founded and maintains Lighthouse, a Rust implementation of the Ethereum consensus layer. Focused on security and performance, Lighthouse is widely entrusted by institutional and individual users for staking on Ethereum. It is, and always will be, a fully open source and free project, built for the community.

Research & Development

We contribute to various open source projects and research efforts in the blockchain ecosystem. Alongside driving the Ethereum core protocol development, we are actively interested in novel DeFi primitives, formal verification techniques, zero-knowledge cryptography and advanced security assessment tools.




Lighthouse is a leading open-source Ethereum consensus implementation heavily focused on performance and security. Our mission is to contribute to the establishment of a secure, sustainable and efficient protocol to create a safer, decentralised world.

See the Lighthouse website for more information.

Find the code at sigp/lighthouse.


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